Saturday, November 27, 2010

Knee Cracker Annie

When Annie was a puppy and too little for tennis balls, I used to throw sticks for her.  This was a big mistake.  Now she loves to chase tennis balls but she will drop everything for a stick.  Being that she is now a big dog, she can pick up big sticks. Her pack (dogs we walk with in the evening) call her "the knee cracker" when she finds a large branch on the trail.  We all know not to pick up or even mention the word "stick" on our walks. Annie will hold on to one end and swing it around like a baseball bat at anyone she thinks will play with her. If you try and take it away from her, it becomes a tug-a-war game. If you try and ignore her she will swing it around you and most of the time hit the back of your legs or knees. All I can do is put her on her leash and hopes she drops it while we walking.  I won't stop to let her pick it back up but I do have to put up with a few good swings.


Susan Raihala said...

It's so hard to remember when raising a puppy that it will grow into a big dog. Annie is such a beautiful dog, Lisa!

Patti said...

Libbi loves to drag sticks out of the fire pit & sometimes they are BIG - she does the same thing. Runs around the yard wanting you to throw it for her instead of her soccer or tennis ball. Gotta love 'em!