Saturday, November 20, 2010

Auction Madness

about five minutes before the clos of the silent auction
 Related Posts with ThumbnailsOK some of you want to know what it's like at an auction.  I decided to take a photo today while I was at the auction house down in Pacific Grove. The silent auction (junk lots) is down in the basement of the building. It's dark, dirty and cold.  This auction house shuts down the silent auction at noon, so everyone runs down there and stands next to whatever lot they want.  At the very last minute, they will write down their bid.  Some women will go so far as to try and block others out. I went to pick up some XL framed art (I just want the frames) to alter and it's cheaper than going to Goodwill.  When it stops raining I will unload my car and take pictures of what I dragged home.

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