Monday, November 22, 2010

From the auction house

Related Posts with ThumbnailsHere are some photos of the stuff I picked up at the auction house this past weekend.  One "lot" had a bunch of cookies tins from Germany and small wooden frames.  No one else was interested in them so I got them for less than $10.00.  This is a way cool  large hinged tin box.  Don't see to many of them around here.
I went to the auction to buy some XL frames super cheap.  The photo makes the artwork look better than it really is.  I've taken all of them apart and have started alter them into display boards.  Will post photos when I get them done.
OK this is way cool.  It's a chandelier made out of rebar and painted pink.  It was in the junk lot section because the top part had broken off.  I like it without the top part (I took a photo of in on so you could see it) and plan to use it as a center piece for a large round table.  The little flowers are candle holders.  Now I just have to find a party to take it too. :)

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