Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Fur Babies Annie and Squeak

Related Posts with ThumbnailsLove my fur babies. I found out last night that Squeak likes rap music.  She was sound asleep on my nap when I clicked on "Glee" (to find out what that show was all about) and well you can see she watched the whole thing with great interest. 
When I was brushing Annie's teeth in the morning, I found a wart looking thing on her lip.  I took her into the vet that afternoon and found out it's nothing serious, just a wart and it will go away on it's own.  The vet did say Annie has excellent muscle tone for a dog so young.  German shepherds are picky eaters (Annie is not one of those) so are on the super skinny side when young. They don't fill out until they are much older. Guess all those hours of running and hiking are paying off.  Annie is a very gentle dog and it's interesting to watch her when she plays with young children.  There are several toddlers at the park that like to play with Annie.  She's great at dropping her tennis ball at their feet then laying down until they throw it.  She doesn't jump up or bark, like she does with me, just  quietly waits for them to throw it.  It's funny that the moms are scared to death of big dogs but let their kids play with Annie.  None of the moms will come near Annie even after watching how gentle she is with their toddlers.

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Michael said...

Great pictures Lisa! Thanks for taking care of us this weekend. Thanks Doug for the honeycomb!