Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Annie at 9 months

Related Posts with ThumbnailsHere's is a photo of Annie when she was just a little puppy.  The second photo is Annie who is now 9 months old in the same spot under my desk.  Annie is still a very gentle dog but now that she looks like an adult, people freak out when they see her on the trail.  
Annie never went through the "nervous German Shepherd" eating disorder which makes young GS look super skinny.  She has filled out very well and has great muscle tone.  We have nicknamed her "the babysitter" when Squeak gets out.  I send Annie out to find her and hold in place until I can get there to bring her in.  Annie is a great dog!

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Susan Raihala said...

Oh, Annie is growing into quite the beautiful dog! She's so big and so alert! You're doing a great job with her.