Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Puppies and Kittens

It is a busy time around my house. Having a puppy (Annie is now 5 months old) and a kitten under foot makes walking around the house a slow process.  I also have auction items lining the hallway waiting to be tagged and taken into the store.Related Posts with Thumbnails  Squeaker is two pounds soaking wet but she is holding her own with Annie's 50 plus pounds when they play.  I should say when Annie wants to play. Squeaker doesn't like getting slapped with paw so she makes sure there is a table to run under when things get too rough.
Now that Annie is getting older, I have to walk and throw the stick for at least two hours, twice a day.  If I don't, I have a very hyper dog in the house. She is also getting more protective on our trail walks.  She is doing the famous "on guard" German Shepherd bark if a man walks between me and her while on her leash. She has been trained to always be on outside when someone walks by. A lot of people (mainly men) think it's safer to walk by on my side, further away from the dog but protective dogs don't like that.

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