Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Annie's big day at the vet's

The house is very quiet and Squeak is wondering why she hasn't had to run under the tables. I took Annie into the vet's this morning to get fixed.  Annie jumped out of the car as soon as I opened the door at the vet's office. She ran to the front door, wagging her tail like a crazy dog.  Guess she thought this was going to be a general visit with tons hugs from the staff and then come home with me. I felt so guilty leaving my baby there knowing what was going to be happening in the backroom.  This could be one reason so many people don't get their dogs fixed.  Once Annie is home, she will have two weeks of limited exercise. I'm not looking forward to telling her (after this whole hospital stay) she can't chase the squirrels or play fetch while out on our walks.  It's time to break out the vacuum and get the big housework done without Annie wanting to help.

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