Saturday, May 29, 2010

In the garden

Having to keep Annie home and quiet after her surgery has not been an easy task.  So far several pairs of shoes (hubby doesn't remember to put his away) have been chewed on, the recycle bin tossed twice, Related Posts with ThumbnailsSqueak (the kitten) has been chased around the house non stop, four cardboard boxes torn apart and every area rug corner has been chewed. 
In an effort to keep the whole house from being chewed down to the ground, I went and worked out in the garden. Of course working in the garden with Annie is a challenge too.  She likes to "help" at every turn. 
A friend is working on his own variety of tomatoes and gave us several to plant in our garden. It's time to get them in the ground.
Can't wait until we can start our daily walks again.

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