Tuesday, July 27, 2021

New plant display up and running

I finally finished the live plant display at the store today. A very generous donor paid for the table and frames, which really helped keep the costs down. I had to wait for my handyman, Justin to stop by to hang the leaves and last frame. I hurt my back this past weekend and really can't lift anything. The gold leaves are really a wall light and it would be so cool to have it wired so the lights work but that wasn't going to happen. 
It was funny that people wanted to buy the frames and I kept saying no, had to wait until the display was done so I could take a picture for the donor. Not the best business practice but we're not really following traditional business model. The wall turned out the way I wanted now I just have to see if it sells plants!
I had to make a sign asking customers not to squeeze the plants to see if they're real, it was making a hot mess on the table.
Table $200
Frames $80 plus one donated
Gold Leaf light $80
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