Friday, June 18, 2021

Very Cool Door for the store.

I naturally design to what I like and don't normally following any current trends. I especially like the find things that are very uncommon and repurpose them. Auction houses are really the only place you can find cool stuff that doesn't break the bank. This door was about $200 and I don't think there is another on out there!
I'm not sure what this door was first used for but I do know it was a sliding door because it has inset wheels on the bottom that fitted into a track. It's about 3 inches thick with the metal sandwiched between oak. My first guess is that it was a door to a wine cellar. Condition is good so I don't think it was in a barn. My plan to to design a platform for it to sit on and keep it upright so it can be move where ever it's need. The back door at the store is a big metal sliding door and at some point I will need to add a security gate that still allows light and air into the building but keeps people out. I'm thinking this will work if I can design something where I can lock the wheels in place. 
Finding something like this really makes me wish I could design a house again!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Mid Century Modern

Related Posts with ThumbnailsWhen I first started at Thrifty Kitty, one of the ideas I had for the front windows was to put a cozy chair so those who get dragged in but really don't want to shop. Since we won't ever have live animals up for adoption at the store, making a comfy room setting would be fun. Of course we plan to change up the display to keep things fresh or when I sell these chairs.
These chairs were posted on Next-door and for the last 3 weeks I've been hoping the price would drop low enough for me to buy them. It's a high tech company that ran out of funding so they are boxing up what they want to save and selling off the rest. These chairs were in the lobby and really fit the the theme of the store. I did visit the site earlier when they were trying to sell off some work tables so I already knew what was happening. I knew at some point they would have to lower the prices or give the stuff away because they have to be out of the building soon. But I didn't want to take the chance on these chairs. The black office chairs were $20 and I got to cherry pick out the better ones. Most had wear on the hand rest but at least now I have some place to sit! The moving trucks are already there and starting to load up the giant crates of equipment that will go into storage.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

How Big G handles snack time

Related Posts with ThumbnailsMees is a very active one year old. Always on the move and getting into everything he can reach and it seems he likes to see what he can reach so anything on the edge of the table is fair game.
Mees is on the bigger side so he's very heavy. Lifting him and carrying him up and down the stairs is starting to get a little harder for me. 
I decided during his snack time to set it up on the floor on the oil mat under his high chair. He seems to like it and it's the only time he's not actively running around. It also means when he's done, he can just get up and go explore again. I do have to chase him down to wipe his face and hands but this system is working for both of us!

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Boss Baby

One of the perks at work, is I get to see everything as it comes in and make the decision to take it or not. 
This little suit came in and I thought it would make a perfect costume for Mees. He so reminds me of Boss Baby both in appearance and personality! 
Most children clothing comes in too worn or stained to resell. It seems to be wedding or funeral clothing (very dressy) that I see a lot of.  So we'll see if this will work out!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Budget Friendly Stool

Related Posts with ThumbnailsWhat I love doing is searching for that usual piece that can be used in a different way.  The Re-Store in Oakland has been my go to place for creative ideas. It's a place that you have to go to often because you never know what will show up. I think it's the picker in me, the hunt is the fun part. I was in search for a stool or chair for the shoe section in case a customer wanted to sit down and try on the shoes. Everything I was finding that was traditional seating was way over my budget. As I was walking by the pallets of wine crates this graphic caught my eye. I'm sure it wasn't there the last time I was there digging through the pile! Anyways, I picked it up because I thought it was funny and I could flip it at the store for $20. When I got back to the store I put it down in the shoe section while I finished unloading my car. I walked by it several times as I finished up some other projects. Then the light bulb went on - I had found my budget friendly stool!  This is a solidly built crate that can be used as a seat all for $5.
I've gotten so many wine crates at the Re-Store, the guys are asking me for pictures of my finished projects. It's funny as I'm very intently digging through the pallet, other people stop and wonder what's so special about these crates. Even after I tell them what I'm doing they just can't see the end results. They just shake their heads and walk away. :) 

Sneak Peek

Related Posts with ThumbnailsThe store is really coming together fast now that I was given the green light to buy the clothing racks. Long story on why that was delayed but now we're full speed ahead!
I search Nextdoor everyday to see if there's anything we can use. Not knowing the area beyond Alameda, my search area is very limited. Most of Oakland is off limits due to the increase in violence in an already dangerous city. 
The store got a donation of X-men comics and I was researching the best way to display them. Buying bags for each one would cost way too much but I couldn't leave them out as is. Another paper crafters (have to love paper crafters) redid her craft room and was giving away these magazine racks, which are perfect for the comics. The front tilts open so you can remove the comics with not problem. Major score!
I still don't have wifi or an office set up at the store yet (another long story there too) so I'm always worried I'll put my phone down and have it get buried under whatever is coming through the door. I now play music while I work mainly so I know where my phone. My kids set me up with a music app because playing Yo Yo Ma helps put Mees to sleep for his naps.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Store Ramping Up

Work is really ramping up and it's made for some really long days and nights. The hardest part is not having internet access at work. I have to try and get all my computer work done at home in the morning for heading to the store and then handle things after a 12 hour day when I get back home.  Also not have an office desk set up or even a desk is also an issue that I will try tackle today. There is an office space but it's a windowless room with really bad lighting so for now I work out in the prep area. For the most part we are getting some cool stuff but there are those who try to donate basics trash, tee shirts so wore they can only be made into rags. 
We did get some very interesting vintage clothing in, which I'm not sure will sell but does add a lot of color to the store. The fixtures finally arrived after months of delays which has added to my long hours. So today we will see what the cat drags in
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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Garlic Noodles

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI never knew garlic noodles was a thing. I've had them before but it seems like every restaurant here in Alameda has their version of it. You would think it would be a very simple dish to make but we've had some really greasy ones.
What I find interesting is that Mees at 10 months really likes garlic noodles. If I would let him, he would eat a whole order by himself!  He does like anything with a lot of fresh garlic. 
When his parents pick him up on Mondays, they like to try a new restaurant. So far it's been very hit and miss in finding our go to one. For me I like the Japanese one, because it's simple and not over priced. 
In the past I cooked a lot but since moving here, I just haven't gotten into the grove of wanting to cook. Not sure if it's the kitchen or the fact I don't have to worry about making my lunch for work anymore. It's the same thing with my craft room, haven't done anything creative since my move. Not sure if the space isn't right or I know in the back of my mind I will be moving again. 

Friday, May 14, 2021

The search continues for that special light

These lights are up for auction this weekend but of course will sell way over my budget. Still it was fun to walk through the preview and see some beautiful things and some very quirky art and I mean just plain weird. :)
In my search for something unique, I've  visited some interesting stores, all of which have been in some very scary parts of town. But I understand the rents are low and if you want to find the cool stuff you have to take the risk. 

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Day in a life 2021

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI wish could say I like living here in Alameda but I don't, at least so close to down town. The fear of walking around alone now without Annie makes it even harder. I know if I was in Carmel, I wouldn't have the same fears and feel comfortable going for an evening walk.
I totally get how depression can make one want to just stay in their PJ's all day and do nothing. One day just blends into another especially not having Annie here making me go outside.  I'm battling through it as I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel - one day at a time. 
I like to do all my computer work in my very old bathrobe until I have to get on my zoom calls. :). It has been a little challenging working from home and trying to get the store open. The wifi isn't set up yet there so I can't really work in my office. I'm hoping to get my office space set up now that lights have been installed. The previous tenants (a hair salon) took everything that wasn't nailed down in the store.  All the light fixtures, light bulbs, switch plates etc...  I think they even took the sink and toilet because those look new.  I've always made my office space my own but it will be a challenge with this space as it has no windows.  Looking back I always had windows in my offices so this will be interesting! I've been slacking on getting a home office set up but I have to bite the bullet and get it done. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

One of Mees favorites

Related Posts with ThumbnailsMees really likes looking out the front window at all the passing cars and people. Of course when he's checking everything out, I have to keep a tight grip on his shirt! His blinky has gone over a couple times already! He loves the action but I'm not a fan of the noise. Having the fire station just down the street, the trucks goes down my street at least a dozen times each day. It's faster for them than going down the Main Street since there's less traffic. It's a good thing I don't have to sleep during the day!

When Uncle Chad Rolls into Town

Related Posts with ThumbnailsMees is a big kid and at 10 months is already in 18 months clothing, which is sometimes too small. His other grandmother sent him this 12 months tee shirt and my daughter really wanted him to wear it at least once. Let's just say getting it over his head wasn't easy! So I made the comment of it being too small while my son was holding him. In support, Chad pulled up his shirt so they could be twins. Can't say it's a beer gut as neither of them drink beer but everyone got a good chuckle out of the photo. :)