Saturday, May 8, 2021

$$$$ wine and their boxes

Related Posts with ThumbnailsI'm a bubble thinker/designer, at least that's a term I use to describe how I come up with ideas. During one of my first meeting here in Alameda, I was told a lot of the meetings with volunteers would be done during happy hour and involve wine. FAAS uses a lot of volunteers, so they like to unwind after work in a more relaxed setting.
 So fast forward to why I even looked at these wine crates at HH. I know nothing about wine and if you asked me to pick out a bottle, I would look for the most creative label as my only criteria. :) But knowing there are a lot of people in this town that know their wine I had to check it out.
Seeing that some of these crates had very interesting art work burned into the tops, I knew the wine that was shipped in them had to be $$$. I did pick the crates based on design and not the label. After everything was dropped off at the store (big thank-you to Van who volunteered his truck and time) I researched some of the labels. I found that some of the crates held wine costing over $1,500 a bottle! Seriously who spends that much money on wine? The original plan was to use the boxes as display pieces but now finding out they're worth more just as is, that's the way they be sold. Hopefully we'll get some young wine aficionados into the store! I plan to display them as end tables with the retro chairs which I also picked up at HH. 

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