Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cranberry Hill Flea Market 2016

 One of my favorite things is finding a good deal, especially when it has something to do with one of my hobbies. The annual used rubber stamp sale at Cranberry Hill is the best. It's a whole lot of work for the store to host a used rubber stamp sale but it's sure lot of fun. I've been wanting to make this card for awhile but didn't want to spend a lot for the stamp. Finally I found it at the flea market for only a $1! 

Now I did go a little crazy buying up some Copic markers from someone who was getting rid of all her stamping supplies, who does that???Thought it was time I rounded out my Copic collection. I was bad but in a good way. :)
At the flea market, you can pick up some super deals and things are cheap enough to try out. The best thing is that you can always sell off what you don't use at the next sale in 2017

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