Sunday, June 28, 2015

Auction June 2015

I'm an auction rat. Hanging out at dirty, dusty auction houses is something I really enjoy. The hunt is the most fun because you never know what you will find and the icing on the cake is getting something super cool for pennies on the dollar! Sitting through a whole auction is the not so fun part since most auction houses don't have AC or heat. This weekend was auction week and I scored on this metal junk lot. Junk lots are just boxes of random stuff and usually don't go for much. The upside is they go cheap but the downside is you have to deal getting rid of what you don't want. One of the reason I went into the antique business was to have an outlet for the leftovers. It's rare for German Shepherd items to come to the auction house. Saw these GS bookends and just had to have them. Overall the lot wasn't bad, most can be sold off at my consignment booth at Cranberry Hill in Sunnyvale.
I also picked up a vintage quilt. Everything on it was hand stitched. Such a shame these beautiful quilts get over looked. It does have some staining on it but overall in great condition for it's age. 

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