Monday, June 8, 2015

Ever Changing Patio

Adding the patio 2012
I've  been at my little studio for almost 3 years now. Scaling down as fast as I had to after my divorce was definitely an eye opening. Going from a big house to a little 450sq studio, well things had to change. One of the great things about where I am now, is all the open space. The property is just under 2 acres and the landlord (in the big house) doesn't water anything - well because there isn't anything to water. He also doesn't care what I do around the yard. By adding the patio area I almost doubled my living space.

 When I first finished the patio, I went very traditional but as time went on my personality took over. Plants were moved in, an orange umbrella replaced the white one and now a vintage 1050's kitchen table instead of the round glass table.
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Patio 2012 - table moved to the vegetable garden
The Vintage table was something I picked up at an auction for daughter 6 years ago when she moved to San Francisco. She is upgrading her furniture, so the table came back home to me. The patio now feels much more inviting and a little more like me - eclectic. ;)
Patio 2015

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