Saturday, June 5, 2010

First live catch for Annie

Related Posts with ThumbnailsEvery morning at 6:00 am, Annie and I head out for a long walk.  I'm following the Dog Whisper method of training so walking before a meal is rule number 1.  The dog's natural instinct is to hunt for their food so a hard work out before a meal is a good thing.  
Getting on the trail that early we see a lot of squirrels.  Today was a first and Annie caught one. It was a very lucky day for the squirrel.  I think Annie is so use to playing with Squeak, (her kitten) that when she caught the squirrel, she just let it go. There was a moment when I thought she was going to kill it but Annie just turned to me showed me it and then let it go. Never a dull moment on our walks.

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