Friday, November 11, 2016

After Election - Safety Pin

There is so much fear now that we have a new president. The news feed is filled with people feeling free to attack anyone that doesn't fit into the mold for what they think an American should look like.  I live in a liberal state, but even here it's showing up. Living in Silicon Valley, which has a huge Asian population, I'm a little more insulated but I know it out there. I'm not surprised as sad as it is. My X hated what he called "the Asian invasion", even being married to a Asian woman and having children together. He truly believes that the white male was endangered and it is all because of the Asians. 
My family history of enslavement (grandfathers were forced to work on building the transcontinental railroad), then forced to leave their homes and into concentration camps while still having their sons join the military, strip of all property becasue they were Japanese. 
I wasn't sure what I could do to help until a friend posted the "safety pin" idea that was used in England when they voted to leave the union and people were being attacked.
Wear a safety pin as a sign of support and safety for those who may be targeted by bullies. Have a pin on and they know you are there to help, a safe person to sit by, someone to talk to. So Annie and I both will wear a pin to show support to equal rights and help those who need. 

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