Friday, October 7, 2016

Day 9 Lisa's Mish Mash of Happiness - Doggie Sympathy Card

Doing both the 365 day Mish Mash of Happiness challenge and the Inktober challenge, I spend a lot of time in the creative zone. Takes the same amount of time getting everything posted, yucky  paperwork. When I was designing a card for the Inktober sad theme, this idea popped into my head. I have a 85 pound (yes, that's a big dog) German Shepherd named Annie. She is my fur baby and my rock through all the rough times in my life. Makes me sad I will probably out live Annie but I really try to focus on the time I have with her right now. Love how excited she gets when we head to the park to meet up with her play group, chasing the deer or making a new friend at the park. Great dog and my best friend!
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