Friday, March 18, 2011

San Jose Japantown Community Vigil

Related Posts with ThumbnailsLast night I attended a vigil for the people of Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  It was also a fundraiser (over $31,000 raised) to send money directly to Red Cross in Japan through the Consulate General of Japan. 
They read a very touching letter from an American living in the affected area.  He was amazed at the kindness and calm of everyone  there.  People going out of their way to make sure others are taken care of, sharing whatever resources they have and no signs of looting. When he returned home to his small shack in the hills, he found food and water left for him.
Here is an email if you would like more information on where you can donate (there are several groups collecting money).
update:  Another friend is hosting a online fundraiser, here's the link Ogawa Fundraiser

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