Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Honey Bee Swarm Season 2011

Related Posts with ThumbnailsThe honey bee swarm season has started here in the Bay Area.  Remember if you see a swarm call your local bee guild (easy to find online) to have someone come pick them up. A few questions they should ask you.
1) Are you sure it's bees and not wasps or yellow jackets?
2) How long has the swarm been there. (Don't wait too long to call because the swarm will move and it may not be to a place you want them - like your attic)
3) The location of the swarm, how high up, easy to get to?
Remember some beekeeper charge to come out and pick up a swarm, so be sure to ask. I would call around and find the ones that don't charge for a swarm pick up. Picking up a swarm is different than an extraction (removal from a structure) which beekeepers will charge for since more work is required. 
You may be wondering why have bees extracted instead of killing them.  The honey and wax needs to be removed otherwise you will have mice, rats and other lovely pests visiting.  Also the entrance has to be sealed so the bees won't come back. Killing the bees using a pest company is not the most effective way to get rid of them. The plus side is that the bees will be moved to a hive in a better location.
If your interested in renting a beehive my hubby's company "Bees at Home" will be happy to set you up for $59.00 a month.  No hassle having to learn how to keep bees but you still get all the benefits they provide - honey, beeswax and pollination.

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