Sunday, February 7, 2016

Out in the back yard 2/7/16

Related Posts with ThumbnailsToday is super bowl Sunday, which until about 3 weeks ago, didn't know it was happening here in town. Yeah, I don't follow sports at all. Even when the San Francisco Giants won the world series, I had no idea. Overall I don't think my life as suffered too much for being out of the loop. For all those people coming in for the big game, they couldn't have asked for more perfect example of California weather. It's a comfortable 73 degrees with a light breeze and most importantly, no bugs. Annie and I spent the afternoon out in the backyard (well what most people would call a back yard, it's giant hill) enjoying the peace and quiet. Normally the birds are chirping away in the full grown oak and redwood trees but I also have nesting falcons so when they're home, no comes out to play. My garden is waiting for me to get my act together and start planting my garden. There is an abundance of deer and gophers in the area so everything has to be fenced and in containers. The upside down flower pots in the photo are covering the gopher holes I set traps in. I can only use traps since I won't take the chance a poisoned gopher will end up as a snack for Annie or the other wild life around here. The flowering trees and both almond and cherry trees.

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