Thursday, December 24, 2015

Misti Rubber Stamping Tool

Related Posts with ThumbnailsSo this new stamping tool came out this year (maybe last year) and it was all the rage with the big name stampers. At the price point of $60.00, I had to think about it. I asked my hard core stamping buddies what they thought about it and well, they didn't think it was worth the high price tag. I finally borrowed one from a friend (who buys anything new that hits the market) to test it out. 
1) I applaud the developer of the MISTI for being able to bring it to market. It takes a lot of hard work!
2) It does work most of the time. I'm sure there is a user error on my part. When I went to restamp over an image that wasn't clear, I got some blurry lines, but again I was probably doing something wrong.
3) Unless you are doing massive amounts of cards with the same image or a lot of over lays that are not clear clings, I don't see the need for the tool.
4) The price point is just to high for me to add it to the my go to tools. I'm guessing (and this is just IMO) MISTI has to cash in as fast as they can because we all know one of the big companies will rip this idea off ASAP, which is sad. 
5) It is a very well made product and if taken care will last forever. I know when the knock offs come out, the quality won't be as good.  
So over all, if you have the spare change to buy it or have shaky hands, I say go for it. 

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