Sunday, March 8, 2015

Crafting Weekend

This was a rare weekend that I didn't have anything scheduled. Had dinner with my daughter at CrawDaddy's which was a treat. 
I've been going through my crafting supplies looking for something to inspire me to craft. Stress has a way of making your creative mojo go into hiding.
I've been collecting tins, many of which I sell in my vintage booth. Since I discovered Pinterest, I've seen people making these tier stash holders. I gave it go and pretty happy how it turned out. The center legs came from my Dad's stash when we cleaned out his garage and a quick shot of silver spray paint.
The little butterfly is made from a soda can. The punch came from the recent used rubber stamp sale at Cranberry Hill. 
The foil pig is part of the full sheet. I picked up the sheet over 10 years ago. It survived the big purge when I got divorced and being stored outside in a cardboard box. Amazing that I still able to have it to work with.
The simply thank you card was something I saw posted on Simplicity's blog. She is not only a wonderful writer but showcases simple cards. 

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